Welcome new students Luncheon

Welcome new students
Posted on 10/24/2023
Welcome New Students Luncheon
School counselors, Dr. Mann, and Ms. Burrows, have been focused on spending time welcoming all new students. Lunch Bunch sessions with the new students, has allowed Dr. Mann and Ms. Burrows to build community with new students. This is one of many ways we are focused on supporting new students' transition. Our new student luncheon has provided a space for students to make connections with peers, feel seen and form trusting relationships with each other. This has also provided an opportunity for them to connect personally with students and foster a warm, safe and supportive learning environment.
During the luncheon, students provide feedback on what we are doing well and how we can improve to make our school better for all students. This feedback will be used by Siegrist's Staff and Student Lighthouse Teams to support planning and programming. The New Student Luncheons meet with all of our new students as a grade level group at various times throughout the year.