Missouri Show Me Books (1st-3rd)

Show Me Books

Ella McKeen
 Ella McKeen Kickball Queen 
If I Built a School
 If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen
Meet Miss Fancy
 Meet Miss Fancy by Irene Latham
The Donkey Egg
The Donkey Egg by Janet Stevens and Susan Crummel
When Pencil Met Eraser
When Pencil Met Eraser by Karen Kilpatrick, Luis O. Ramos, Jr.
Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog
Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog by Lisa Papp
Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o
Hair Love
Hair Love by Matthew Cherry
Snack Attack!
Snack Attack! by Terry Border
Hey, Dog
Hey, Dog by Tony Johnston