Burrows Julia

BurrowsJulia Burrows

Professional School Counselor
Siegrist Elementary

Hi! I am Julia Burrows and I have been a counselor for over a decade. I have worked in rural, suburban and urban districts but I am so excited to land in Platte County! I am married to my high school sweet heart and we have 3 kiddos: Zoey, Cullen, and Quinn. I am a graduate of MIZZOU and UMKC. I love to read, be outside and play with the kiddos! I'm excited to continue  my journey with Platte County!

Vision and Mission of Siegrist Elementary Counseling Program

Vision:The students of Siegrist Elementary will continue building towards being the learners and leaders of tomorrow as they imagine, believe and ultimately achieve lifelong success in their careers and relationships in the future.


The Siegrist Elementary comprehensive school counseling program, in collaboration with a dedicated staff and devoted families, is committed to providing equitable access and support to every student as they grow and develop the skills necessary to become successful lifelong learners, workers and citizens.


Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 816-858-5977 x. 1407