Kindergarten Screening

UPDATED INFORMATION (June 1, 2020): Since our Kindergarten Kickoff was cancelled due to school closure for COVID-19, we will spend the summer discussing an alternative plan to screen our incoming Kinders. We have tossed around a couple of ideas, but haven't landed on a specific idea quite yet. Stay tuned for information throughout the summer for upcoming dates to complete the screener. We will be emailing all registered Kindergarteners' parents to communicate plans directly. Thank you for your patience with this process.

During a Typical year:

What is it?

Our kindergarten screener is a quick assessment on topics such academics, behavior, fine and gross motor skills. This screener allows us to get a quick assessment of your child's starting point in Kindergarten. We recognize that some kids are very nervous when they first come to school and have to talk to strangers, and this assessment only helps us get an idea to create balanced classrooms. Results of the screener will be emailed to parents after they have returned the packet and we have an email on file.

When is it done?

This year we are trying something different, and we are completing the screener during the kindergarten kickoff event. If you are enrolling after kindergarten kickoff, we will conduct the screener either at your enrollment time, or we may have to set up an appointment to complete the screening based on staff availability.