The Family Challenge

A Leader in Me School

What is the Family Challenge?


The purpose of this challenge is to bring people together to discuss ways to implement the 7 Habits as a family team. The use of Stephen Covey's work will provide great conversation starters with the people who are most important in our lives, our family.


When we use the term "Family" in this challenge, know that we recognize that families all look very different. For the purposes of this challenge, family means the people that wish to meet together and grow together in becoming strong leaders of their own lives. It could be grandparents and grandchildren, blended families, or adults who call each other family. At the end of the challenge those who participated in all 20 meetings are the people that will be in the family portrait.


The goal of this program is to provide meaningful learning experiences regarding the 7 Habits, as well as carving out 600 minutes (30 min x 20 lessons) for your family to really get to know each other.


This year we have partnered with two very generous local businesses, 1890 and Rudy's Portraits, to help us celebrate the work you and your families have put into this challenge. If you complete all 20 days you will receive an invitation to our celebration on April 28, 2019. This celebration will include a reception at 1890, some opportunities to share your experiences with other families, and your journey will be documented with a professional family portrait from Rudy's Portraits. Save the date, as this is something you won't want to miss, and we want all of the families participating to have access to this amazing opportunity. (Each family will receive a framed 8 x 10 for you to keep). Come dressed that afternoon for your family portrait.

How do I get involved in the Family Challenge?

We will have 20 families accepted to participate in the fall challenge, and 20 more families in the spring challenge. All 40 families from the 2018-19 school year will participate in the end of year celebration. Early in the fall an invite will go out to all parents, and the same will happen in Decemeber for the Spring class. If you are interested, be on the look out and sign up early, as we usually have to turn families away. STAY TUNED.