Kindergartners and Lunch

(now this is a fun topic)


This is the first time your child may be carrying a lunch tray and trying to sit down, opening a milk carton, and other executive functioning skills. So here are some things that can make the short 25 minute lunchtime go as smoothly as possible.

  • Do not send items that need to be warmed up in the microwave
  • Send food that is ready to eat with no preparation
  • Practice opening containers to make sure they can do it without help before sending it in the lunchbox
  • If eating a school lunch, practice having kids carry a tray and sitting on a counter without spilling contents.
  • Kids need to know their first and last name upon request (they will get a card for ease of checkout once school pictures are taken)
  • Student and staff lunch accounts must have funds in them to have a school lunch.
  • Prices for school lunch, milk and menus

We know that there is definitely a learning curve with all of these things, but you can do a lot to make this time stress free for your child. There are approximately 200 students and 6 adults in lunchroom, so getting individual items opened can be challenging.